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WEB SITE LAUNCHES & REVAMPSWeb site launches and revamps <H1>

There’s no question that Web sites are a necessary business staple in our digital world. If you are considering the launch of your own site, we invite you to review some of our projects below and give us a call. And if you already have a web site, but are questioning its effectiveness,  talk to us.

You may have a terrific web site…but people won’t continue to visit it unless there is a compelling reason to do so. One of the biggest mistakes companies and organizations make is to launch a well-planned, dynamic web site, and then fail to keep it up to date. Specializing in writing content-rich sites, we have the expertise to help you achieve your web marketing goals, and we also offer ongoing web updating and online writing services.

Sample web sites:
  • Scotiabank Get Growing for Business: Company principal Susan Baka is a regular contributor to the Women in Business section of this highly interactive site – designed to assist entrepreneurs and businesspeople with financial planning, marketing, and operating their businesses.

  • Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada: A site Bay revamped for the federal government to meet the special information needs of women exporters who lead small- and medium-sized enterprises.

  • Step Ahead: To attract participants to this unique one-on-one mentoring program that helps women entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level, Bay created, then completely revamped in 2008, this site.

  • WEConnect Canada: Bay rewrote and expanded this site to help create an awareness and national profile for this newly-launched organization.

  • London House : Bay worked with this luxury condominium in the Cayman Islands to completely redo its site in order to increase guest traffic. 

  • Toronto Lawyers Association : Bay undertook a complete rebranding, from concept through to design and rewrite, of the association’s web site.

  • RBC Royal Bank : Bay crafted a web site to showcase RBC Royal Bank’s commitment to helping Canadian women entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
“RBC Royal Bank’s Web site for women entrepreneurs is excellent!  Keep it up; we need resources like this and truly appreciate all that you are doing to help us succeed.”
-  Linda Olech, Owner, Advanced Visuals E-Commerce Design, La Salette, Ontario

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