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Looking for seamless execution of your marketing and communications projects and materials? With Bay, you link into a wide, creative and highly credible network of associates, with proven expertise in:
  • Graphic design
  • Printing
  • Web building
  • Web design

This means we can direct, coordinate and implement an entire communications or marketing project for you if you wish – from concept development and writing right through the production process, whether that be:

  • Rebranding – concept, creative development, design and key messaging.

  • Printed publications – concept, creative development, design, research, writing, printing

  • Web sites – contemporary, functional, navigable, well-written – from the back end construction and search-engine optimization through to user-friendly, up-to-date content that your clients want to read and will keep them coming back.  

Visit our Portfolio for examples of what we produce.


“What a terrific job you’ve done writing and producing our newsletter! It looks fantastic. Good, solid, professional work. A great way to promote Minerva. Well done!”
- David Halton, Past President, Minerva Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

“Thanks so much for sending me the copy of CanadExport with your Going Global supplement.  This is such a great publication and I’m going to send it to my friend at Women in International Trade here in the U.S.  I haven’t seen anything quite like this here.”
- Rosemary Brisco, President, ToTheWeb LLC, San Mateo, California

“Your speech was great. We look forward to getting you here again in Nova Scotia.”
- Carly Campbell, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Women in Business, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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