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Building a media profile can enhance the reputation of both you and your company and can help give your marketing results a real boost. And, if done well, it can be one of the most cost-effective and credible ways of getting your message out to potential customers. Nothing tells people how great your company is like the punch of good publicity. Bay’s media relations services include:
  • The Media Pitch – Bay can help you hone and package your key messages in a way that will capture the attention of reporters. We find a hook or angle about your product/service or industry that is newsworthy or interesting, so reporters will want to use that in a story. Bay can also handle all media interaction on your behalf.

  • Media List Development – Busy reporters receive an astonishing amount of unsolicited material, much of it completely unrelated to what they need. Bay creates targeted media lists especially for our clients, and tailors the information sent to them, so that a relationship between you and a particular reporter develops.

  • News Releases – Bay writes releases with a punch that deliver results.

  • Media Kits/Web Media Rooms – If you need media material including a backgrounder, your profile, fact sheets and news releases, packaged in a way that the media wants, Bay can do it all.

  • Columns/Stories – Budget-strapped media outlets will often accept well-written stories or columns of interest to their readers. Let Bay showcase your expertise by writing stories under your byline.

  • Media Training – Bay can help you become media savvy, arming you with tactics to get your message across effectively and with tips on handling tough media questions, on what to say and not to say. Training sessions includes audio/visual support covering actual role play scenarios including simulated live TV broadcast, and follow-up video of session.

“Many thanks for the media coverage about the special research issue of the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. We are delighted that the issue will reach so many. You provide an excellent resource, one that I always enjoy reading.”
- Dr. Barbara Orser, Deloitte Professor, School of Management, University of Ottawa

“Wow! What a great article. Of all the times I’ve been interviewed…this is the one I’ve enjoyed reading best. You have a very interesting style…and a special talent.”
- Brenda Dohring Hicks, CEO, RealWired!, Tampa, Florida

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